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In 1945, workers at Brown University’s biology department were clearing out storage space when they stumbled on a giant trove of natural and ethnographic specimens and artifacts. The collection had belonged to the Jenks Museum of Natural History and Anthropology, founded at the school in 1871 and dismantled in 1915 to make way for new classrooms. Inexplicably, the workers drove 92 truckloads worth of the carefully curated objects to the banks of the Seekonk River, where they unloaded them into a common dump.


An art good, personnel bad trip to LA for Mike Kelley and the Hammer on 4th of July weekend.

Introduction: Container and Contained

Jennifer Moon was definitely the highlight (artist) of the LA Biennial at the Hammer for me. An easy internet wormhole.


L.A. is where I learned about art and where all my obsessive crushes took place, where I developed friendships, learned how to work with others, smoked a lot of weed, became a junkie, met Mr. Snuggles, committed crimes and went to prison (though prison wasn’t in L.A., that was in Chowchilla), got sober, fell in love with myself, and started The Revolution. For me, L.A. is where I came to know myself and continue to grow and expand. It is part of my psyche.”

3 questions with Made in L.A. artist Jennifer Moon, now on the blog:

An art good, personnel bad trip to LA for Mike Kelley and the Hammer on 4th of July weekend.

This FINALLY happened! Mike Kelley @ MOCA (at Geffen Contemporary)

Rochester day: Nando’s weird twin, gardens at the George Eastman house and Mickalene Thomas show.

Buffalo charm: Frank Lloyd Wrights, Eliza taking a Labat Light Lime (LLL) selfie, and off limits art at the Albright Knox.

Day 1 of Buffalo vacation: Niagara Falls and remembering what warm rain is.


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